Why Choose Live Music For Your Special Occasion

They say that DJ’s and their array of music mixes have taken over the entertainment areas when it comes to weddings or other special occasions. Well it’s not entirely true, because nothing will beat live music at such an event because of many reasons. DJ’s tend to only play their music and has no real contact with the guests. After all you want music at your party so that you can entertain your guests and show them a good time.

A live band is able to be flexible and can adjust their music to suit your needs most of the time. They understand that there will be times to play their music softly and sing mellow tunes and then crank it up so that your guests can boogie the night away. Therefore, take your time in choosing the right band for your occasion, because it is imperative to the success of the event.

Of course your main criteria would be the venue. Would they allow loud music? If they are alright with it, then you need not worry about vocals electric guitars and drums because the venue has catered for live music as well.

The genre of music is definitely important. If you are into hip hop and techno music, then you are not going to please your guests that much, unless they are all teenagers. So assuming your quests are in different age categories, the genre should be thus varied enough so as to please everyone.

As soon as a good relationship as been established between the band and your guests, they will basically lead the way and introduce great songs. Your guests will flock to the dance floor and have a really good time. With slow and fast tempos, even great grandma and grandpa can have a turn on the floor.

It is also important for you to choose a band who don’t have their own agenda by playing only their style of music when given the chance. You don’t want your guests to feel they must leave the p[arty because of rap or hip hop music being played and no one can understand it. So set the boundaries and request that certain music not be played at all. If you have a mature enough band, then they will know how to handle the evening, without you worrying about it much.

Now that you have a short list, you need to negotiate their fee, but only once you have listened to their music by either CD, DVD or where they are actually performing at present. Take note how they interact with their audience and if their music and vocals are good to listen to for a few hours.

If your event is a wedding, then it is important that the band members be dressed appropriately. It is not acceptable for them to be on stage with denim and t-shirts looking like they just woke up. It is good to have them dress smart casual and if there is a female vocalists, she should not be under-dressed as to stage up the bride.

Live music is such fun at functions because the band members enjoy playing their music and the guests love dancing and having a good time. The ambiance is set and you are definitely going to have more success than getting a one-man DJ guy who sort of fades into the darkness the entire evening.

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