Croton watches are quality watches for men and women, who want class and durability all in one watch. With this brand, you can have these and more. You can use a different type of croton watch for each event. There are gold, diamond designs meant for big events, and there are watches for everyday use. What are the general specifications of these watches that make them unique and different from other brands? The following are these unique features.

Stainless steel case

Croton watches usually have stainless steel cases that protects them from easy wear and tear. These stainless steel cases lessen their likelihood of developing rust or destruction from external factors. This case is important so you must always use them whenever necessary. Other watches have only second class of leather cases, which are not sufficient to prevent environmental factors in ruining your watch.

Lifetime warranty

The lifetime warranty covers defective parts or non-functional components. Other brands do not provide such length of guarantee for parts. This does not include repair charges and the usual “wear and tear” effects of prolonged use. The warranty can only apply if you did not open your croton watches and you did not bring them to other watch repair shops. You should not break the seal to ensure that the company will honor your lifetime warranty.

Easy to read dials

Most croton watches have dials that are easy to read. These maybe made of gold or silver. Even in the dark, you would be able to read the time because they can glow in the dark. What more, their clock hands have special features that make them more durable than other brands. These dials are also made of durable material, which may be silver or gold.

Classic designs

They have classic designs that most people would love; from their silver clasp designs, to their winders and water resistant features. There are models that are not water resistant though, so read carefully first the product specifications before using your watch. The wrist bands also come in several elegant designs and colors.

Watches are necessary paraphernalia for everyday use. If you want to have reliable time information, then opt for watches that ensure excellent and accurate data. They should also provide convenience and ease of use. You can have all these and can keep tab of time in a suitable and classy manner through your croton watches.

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