Why Bother Insulating Older Homes?

Is insulating older homes really worth all the effort? You just need to take a look at your monthly utility bill to answer that question, in all honesty. The most sizable part of your utility bill is taken up by heating or cooling costs and if you implement a strict thermostat control regime, you need to look at the efficiency of your home for further cost-saving action.

In modern homes, higher standards and more efficient materials mean that they are less likely to become energy hogs than older counterparts. Nevertheless, you can always find room for improvement in your more modern home as well, helping to cut back on your utility costs.

If you’re thinking about insulating an order home, a number of different approaches are available to you. Your budget may dictate that you need to do it yourself and in this case, fiberglass is a popular option. It is versatile and fairly easy to deal with, can be blown into interior wall areas or rolled out into your attic. Do be careful to ensure that you protect yourself and do not breathe those fibers in, as they are damaging.

To insulate older homes, you could consider polystyrene, but this is generally used in construction phases as it is put between layers. Cellulose can be inserted into attic floor spaces, using flow equipment that you can rent.

The first thing that you need to do is to find out whether your home has any existing protection at all, or not. Consider whether insulating your older home is a good idea, as costs can add up if your not prepared to be ado-it-yourselfer and need professional help. The attic should be the first area for consideration, as warm air rises and it is going to be easy to get in there to do something about it. The next thing you need to think about is how to get into your wall area.

Energy savings can be realized when insulating older homes without going into areas that could be perceived as difficult. For example, inefficient door and window frames can be fixed by simply placing draft stoppers here. This can make a huge difference and is certainly one of the simplest and cheapest options for you.

As older buildings settle through subsidence, window and door frames can shift and miniature gaps can appear. This can be allow your expensive air to escape and if you don’t caulk these areas, cut your losses by putting window or door draft stoppers into play.

If you do it yourself, insulating older homes can be a big chore. You might find that some other, inefficient material has been put into the spaces in the past and then you will have to remove this mess before you can consider more efficient alternatives. Choose wisely.

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