Who’s The Top Fantasy Basketball Player?

With the basketball season about to start, many fantasy basketball leagues have begun to form. Some are in the midst of drafting as we speak. If yours is coming up, I hope you should be lucky enough to end up with a top pick. If you are, there are some great options this year.

On the other hand, deciding who to go with at number one might be a bit of a challenge. Who to pick really depends on your needs, but let’s take a look at the possibilities.

If you’re into the idea of getting an elite point guard, you’ll have to look no further than Chris Paul. No basketball player has been more effective than Paul during the last two years.

The best thing about Paul is the fact that he’ll usually lead the league in both assists and steals. On top of that, his free throw percentage is great, as are his FG%, scoring, and rebounds for a point guard.

While Paul is a great option without a doubt, many will be tempted by the idea of having LeBron James on their fantasy team. They have every reason to be tempted. James is arguably as valuable as Paul, as he contributes just about everywhere, especially when it comes to assists.

In addition to his assists, he’s an exceptional shot blocker and three point shooter. He’s also a legitimate contender to lead the league in scoring, and should average somewhere around 30 points per game. He’s extremely durable and rarely misses a game due to injury.

Next on the list of possibilities is Kobe Bryant, a personal favorite of many NBA fans. Bryant’s stats are similar to LeBron’s, only he has less turnovers and a better free throw percentage, giving him a more well rounded appeal.

While most will go with either Paul or James, it’s really a matter of personal preference. Anyone you choose at number one is sure you put some great stats up for your team. Good luck with your draft, and I hope you end up with that number one pick.

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