Who Knew Pink Used To Be A Masculine Color

Pink is frequently thought of as a feminine color, even though it has become fashionable for men’s shirts and even ties. However, shirts and ties are about all that will be pink on most males, and the color continues to be reserved for women, for the most part. From pink baseball caps to pink laptop computers, practically all else that’s pink is worn or utilized by a woman.

Yet there is a surprisingly masculine history to the color. It was only in the latter half of the twentieth century, according to cultural historians, that pink became the near universal colors of femininity. And even as late as the 1950s in the United States, it was a pink car, the pink Cadillac, that was highly prized as a masculine status symbol.

Indeed, at about the same time, “Nantucket Red” was a favorite colour of preppy young men, one that could just be easily considered “Barbie buble-gum pink”. In Catholic parts of Germany, it was little girls that were dressed in blue, which is the colour of the Virgin Mary, and little boys in pink, as the lighter shade of red, which was held to be a boldly masculine color.

Beginning with the early 1900s, pink became increasingly associated with females. But as late as 1927 New York’s department store giant Macy’s was still trying to promote pink as a boy’s colour, going against the tide in other parts of the country. Thus standardization came about when clothes were no longer being made at homes but became manufactured.

Girls do seem to have a natural fascination with pink, for the most part. Feminist activists notwithstanding, it has been shown that while making toys pink can be detrimental to girls’ development if the toys proscribe the scope of their learning experiences, utilizing pink for toys such as Lego blocks can help girls improve their spatial-relations skills.

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