On a particular day Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessing be on him) posed the question to his cherished companions whether they knew who a broke person really is. They all replied that a broke person is the one without any money or wealth. Then he told them as follows:

“In my society the poor person is the one who will appear on the Day of Judgment before Allah: Such a person had offered prayers; he had paid his compulsory alms; he had observed his compulsory fasting; but he would have abused somebody, he would have falsely accused someone;

He would have taken someone else possessions with force; he would have killed someone; he would have hit somebody. All his merits will be given to the people he rubbed the wrong way. If his virtues have finished before his wicked deeds have finished, the errors and sins of the victims would be given to him and he would be thrown into Hell.”

Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessing be on him) has said the reality. Such a man is really broke. His state is like that trader who has goods worth one thousand rupees but he is a debtor for two thousand rupees. How can such a man be called affluent?

A religious man who offers certain prayers or performs certain forms of worship but even after that commits some forms of evil deeds, behaves rudely with the people, treats poor and the hopeless people cruelly, how can such a man be called righteous?

The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (May Allah’s peace and blessing be on him) has thus made this clear by quoting an instance. He said that the best moral character melts error like water and bad morals spoils man’s record as vinegar destroys honey.

As Muslims we should therefore try as much as possible to avoid hurting other people’s feeling whether through our utterances or actions. It is not enough struggling to do his duties to Allah in forms of prayers or giving compulsory alms but neglecting his duties towards others or even depriving them of their rights.

All equation must be balanced on the Day of Judgment. Every individual will assert his right that has been taken away from him or her while on the Earth. The compensation is either used to compensate or the sins of the victims are added to the wrongdoer’s load.

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