White Water Rafting Expeditions – Perfect For An Adventurous Girls’ Get-away

The exhilaration of white water river rafting is an experience high on the list of many outdoor enthusiasts. Pair the rush of the rapids with the ancient grandeur of the Grand Canyon and the trip becomes a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. For women who love to test their mental and physical boundaries, a guided white water expedition in the company of close girl friends can provide a truly unique combination of fun and freedom amidst a supportive community.

Float down the twists and turns of the Colorado River in rafts captained by experienced, certified guides and take in the splendor of the canyon’s magnificent red-rock walls towering above the water. Take dips in deep, clean pools; enjoy stunning waterfalls in hidden canyons visited on short hikes; and camp on sandy beaches with the light of the moon illuminating the rim of the canyon a mile above. In the morning and afternoon, enjoy the company of best friends on day hikes during breaks from the water, and keep and eye out for bighorn sheep, mule tail deer, bald eagles, wildflowers and other flora and fauna.

Most outfitters will allow each group to tailor a Colorado River rafting trip that best suits their needs in terms of preferred vessel, length of vacation, and accounts for any limitations that must be considered. Some girlfriends might choose a week-long stint in a motorized craft, while others can experience the teamwork and effort that comes from paddling the boats themselves on longer trips. Those experienced in river kayaking can hire a guide and crew to transport their gear while they take on the rapids. Women who gather a large enough group can charter their own boat to keep the trip an intimate journey among close friends. If the group is not large enough, this is an opportunity to expand your circle of friends.

To make the trip even better, a Grand Canyon river experience almost always allows vacationers to leave the majority of the preparation, packing and campsite necessities to the outfitter. The cost of one of these adventures typically includes food, cooking supplies and dishware, with rafting captains doubling as skilled camp chefs. Guides help campers set up their camp provide tents, camp chairs and even sleeping kits as part of the package. Outfitters also take care of managing the camp privy, since flush toilets are not located at the bottom of the canyon.

For a full immersion into the natural experience, women should expect to enjoy these few days far away from cell phones and laptops. Guides provide a safe, supportive atmosphere, as well as contact with the outside world, should an emergency arise, so vacationers can support one another and bond over an adventure creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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