Which Cold Sore Remedy Is Going To Work For You?

Finding a cold sore in the morning upon waking can easily be rather nerve-racking, specifically if you have something significant going on that morning. They often make their appearance at the least convenient times. Fortunately, you will find there are numerous solutions accessible and it is simply a matter of finding out which cold sore remedy is perfect for you.

Even while you will find many over-the-counter therapies for cold sores, many individuals prefer a more natural cold sore solution. One of the most effective is a simple solution of ice. Every hour, treat your sore by placing an ice cube directly on the area. After a few hours, you should see a noticeable difference in its appearance. Another hourly treatment is to use a warm tea bag on the area for two or three minutes.

A little bit more uncomfortable is the well-known salt treatment. For most people, this is an uncomfortable, but it will dry up the sore. All you need to do is wet your finger and dip it in regular table salt. Place your salt-finger on the sore for at least thirty-seconds and repeat a couple of times a day. Just be sure that you let the salt sit there and not rinse it off.

Most likely the best treatment for cold sores is to prevent them. They will often happen when you are not getting enough rest and are feeling a high-stress level. However, certain foods can also promote break outs and avoiding foods that are have high levels of acidity, as well as those, such as chocolate, shellfish, and most seeds. You can also look for foods that are high in Lysene, which will help prevent them. This includes apples, eggs, chicken, beef, and dairy products.

Selecting the best cold sore treatment often is about trying out a handful of different types. An ice therapy often will work well, but you may find that another treatment works better. Of course, the best remedy is in trying your best to prevent further outbreaks.

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