Where To Stay With Kids In London

Holidaying has become cheap in London with a range of attractive tour package deals at hand. It is for this reason that most of the travellers can now afford to take their families along to London. As London has become a popular city for family vacations, more and more hotel chains are coming up with idea of establishing family hotels in London.

Kids can actually visit the attractions live like the ones as they see them on TV or in books. It’s really thrilling for them to see these hugely recognisable landmarks and famous places. They can gain immense knowledge about the famous structures and attractions and retain it better after a real visit to these places.

Of course, some hotels in the city are not appropriate for catering to anyone other than adults and thus are not a good idea to use as the accommodation for a family holiday. You would be better off doing some research so as to find out which hotels have been designed specifically with family trips in mind as these are the ones that will be able to produce the best surroundings for your loved ones whilst you are on this amazing break in one of the most beautiful cities in all of Britain and even in Europe.

If you can afford a lavish, the most appropriate place for you to stay in London would be Marriott Maida Vale. Cost of the room is 128 for a night’s stay, but it is worth as it positioned close the spectacular Regent’s Park and is just a mile away from Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Studios gained its fame from The Beatles’. The band group used to practice for hours for their albums and used a scene of zebra crossing of Abbey Road on one of their album’s cover.

For those on a limited budget when roaming London with kids, you can opt for the Sleeping Beauty Motel in Leyton which costs only 25 per night. This amount also includes complimentary breakfast and unlimited access to the entertainment areas and facilities offered by the motel. These facilities more or less compensate for its distant location from London’s main commercial areas and the attractions.

Sleeping Beauty Motel is near to a Tube station. So, it is easier to get to the centre, especially if you have bought a week Tube passes or equivalent deals. It will help to cut your communication budget too.

Attractions of London are a good source of knowledge for kids and are famous worldwide. Most of the family hotels in London are set up in such a way that they deal with the demands of family accommodation in a perfect way. It doesn’t matter whether your budget is low or high, London is a city for everyone.

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