Where To Purchase Double Eagle Gold Coins?

Did you know what holds the record for the highest price paid at an auction for a single coin? This would be the 1935 double eagle coin. Now, folks will ask why they’re so valuable. Well, the answer’s they are now not in circulation and are so considered a rareness. In reality to this date, virtually all have been melted down. However , there are still some that remain and the fan just has to apply additional effort in finding these. Secretly possessing double eagle gold coins is nothing new to those that collect them. In reality practically everybody wants to have one in their possession. Why do you suspect the customer at the formerly stated auction was ready to pay a sizeable amount just to add a double eagle gold coin to his? An act was made that these would not be legal tender in the US. That is the reason why folks had to turn in to their gold coins for currency.

The 1935 double eagle gold coins were then struck after the executive order. This is the reason explaining why the coins have been melted. But if you are actually having a tricky time getting his own, he’ll see one personally by going straight to the US Nationwide Numismatic Collection where they have 2 of the $20 Double Eagles that were presented to the US Mint.

These two coins that were displayed in the museum were recounted to have once been the sole 1935 Double Eagle coins in existence however there are twenty coins that were recovered. These were possibly robbed and were kept when there were instructions to melt the coins.

Nine of these coins were illegally possessed. These found their way thru the Miami jeweller David Stevens. He was potentially responsible in giving these to the collectors. They continued circulating among the collectors for one or two years even before the Secret Service were informed about their existence.

When this occurred, the Mint officers then researched where the other gold coins were. Seven of the coins were discovered and were then turned over to Fed. agents. It is fascinating to notice the impact of double eagle gold coins for financiers, collectors, and those that just would like to become part of history that’s represented by the gold coins. All of them know the value of these investments.

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