Where To Go For The Best Gay And Bi-Sexual Retreats

We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily life of work, family and other commitments sometimes. If you are gay or bi-sexual you may find you have an increased need for peace and understanding if you have experienced discrimination in your life. So where are the best places to go for gay retreats and what can you expect when you get there?

There are a variety of different types of gay retreats you can experience. There are many organized retreats that you can go on that feature seminars, yoga, meditation and many other activities. If you would prefer to be a little more independent then there are a number of travel companies that organize vacations away to various gay friendly locations.

If thought provoking and informative seminars, lectures and workshops are what you are looking for then you could try Hamilton Hall. This beautiful building is the only gay run and gay owned center for retreats in the whole of Europe and also offers party weekends. This means it is ideally suited for both party animals and those seeking peace and education.

If you are looking for a gay friendly area to visit for your holiday you could try Noosa cove. The cove is situated on the North Queensland coast and is a haven of peace and beauty. The area not only boasts stunning beaches that encourage surfing and swimming but is also a nature lovers paradise. The National park offers bushland, forests and lakes that are teeming with wildlife.

For those who desire a structured retreat you have a number of choices. Many retreats run programmes in high quality accommodation with spa and high quality dining facilities whilst others are run in more rustic settings. These programmes can offer anything from philosophical discussion to erotic exploration.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that offers everything from a lively nightlife with restaurants and discos to lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and entrancing and majestic volcano’s. The area has a number of gay friendly tour operators that can help you plan your holiday. The deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is particularly good and well worth a try. Surfers won’t be disappointed either as the surf breaks are particularly good.

The Dhanakosa retreat in the highlands of Scotland not only offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world but also a unique way of relaxing. The retreat is a Buddhist one and offers gay retreats that are run on the Buddhist teachings of ethics, wisdom and meditation. Dhanakosa’s ethical viewpoint is that any one, irrelevant of race, sexual orientation or gender, can find the path to spiritual fulfillment.

Whatever your situation, whether you feel under pressure at work or in your family or if you are in the process of ‘coming out’ you probably feel in need of a break away from it all. Whether you prefer partying the night away or hiking through a tropical paradise, with a little bit of searching you are sure to find the right place for gay retreats.

This article about gay tours and gay retreats is by Howie Holben. Howie runs Spirit Journeys, a Uk marriage visa gay tours enterprise. Spirit Journeys suggests spiritual Uk marriage visa gay vacations.

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