When VLDL Cholesterol Rises, Things Can Turn Bad

Very-low-density lipoprotein or VLDL cholesterol may be familiar to some people, but other than the doctor, they don’t really know much about it. For basic education, there are a certain number of cholesterols which are made up of lipoproteins and fats. Each of the lipoproteins comprises a miscellany of cholesterol, proteins and triglycerides in variable quantities.

Triglycerides are actually the main component of VLDL cholesterol and it is found in high concentrations there, higher than the other cholesterols. This makes triglycerides kind of dangerous as we all know and that makes the lay man’s term of bad cholesterol the label for VLDL. We also know that this bad cholesterol is the way to a heart disease common in today’s day and age.

Even if VLDL cholesterol is a transporter of cholesterol and triglycerides within our bodies, its creation in our livers is simply a reaction to an excess in carbohydrate taken during meals. These excesses can also lead to storage of the triglycerides in the form of fat and is the sole culprit to obesity, diabetes and some forms of cancers. These fats can also be stored inside our arteries and can lead to atherosclerosis.

When we take a blood test, there are a lot of numbers that we have to wade through. Knowing what they mean is beyond us and it needs careful interpretation to understand what the numbers mean. To make a long story shorter, just look at the normal levels printed. Then see if the cholesterol levels are within that range. All cholesterol levels should be in the normal range, except the HDL. You need to make sure that it is increased, this is the only cholesterol level that an increase means you are safe from a heart attack.

Diet and exercise are the best way to lower VLDL cholesterol and this should be approached like a soldier studying his opponent’s next course of action. Careful planning and stratagem are needed here, plus a full compliance on the part of the patient. What use are the plans and strategies if the patients are unwilling to take action?

Patients generally do not like to follow the diet even if it means that their VLDL cholesterol levels are high, even if their bodies are already protesting, even if the medications are just making them miserable. Why? Because they think that they will become half of what they really are if they give up all the good stuff. Unfortunately, this is the only way to lower the VLDL cholesterol levels in the body, or else… I really don’t want to say it, so I won’t.

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