When Too Much Goodness Can Be Bad: Draw The Line For Submissive Maids

Submissive maids are pleasers. Most employers would be satisfied to have a subservient maid since they are obedient and never complain. They can be a candidate for the perfect employee but given their constant yielding disposition they are also prone to abuse. To avoid this unwanted fate from happening, don’t allow them to do unrelated tasks and ensure their rights are protected.

Inappropriate jobs for maids Maids are expected to limit their work to household cleaning, cooking or caretaking, depending on what has been agreed beforehand. Jobs like daily heavy lifting; this means carrying something of more than 10 pounds, like heavy machineries and furniture is unjust. Another inappropriate task is handling toxic materials like hazardous chemicals, inhuman wastes and flammable gases. Both jobs are dangerous and life threatening to the maid who will probably do it anyway given their submissive nature.

Lifting heavy loads every day that surpass 10 pounds, like big equipment or furniture can cause damages to the body. Performing a task involving risky deadly materials or chemicals like exploding substances, toxic chemicals and vomit-causing wastes can also be too daunting. Yet the submissive maid may know no limits and perform this tasks which may be abusing to their health.

Maids can work all day, but they are entitled to take the night off. They must not be made as watch guards. They work 6 days a week, and a day is given to them for leisure or relaxation. Should they be allowed to work on an ungodly hour or on their day-off they must be compensated accordingly.

Submissive maids are an added value in the household. They are heroes in their own rights and they deserve great if not fair treatment. While being submissive is a positive key value in workers, it can also be a point of weakness for the maid. It is up to the employers to practice justice and kindness to avoid getting someone hurt in the long run.

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