A Reseller Windows Hosting Account Does Have Its Advantages

As millions of Internet users, only a tiny fraction of them will ever use a hosting account. Even those who do put up a web page will more than likely use one of the hundreds of Web 2.0 sites which allow users to make a small blog or fan page. These individuals are happy just being able to upload a couple of photos and will never know the power of a real reseller windows hosting account.

There are two different flavors of servers from which you can choose if you decide to go with a hosting account. These are the Windows server and the Linux based server. Either one of these will work wonderfully as a hosting solution, and neither one will give your site any visual advantage over the other. There are some hidden variances which you should be made aware of before you make the final decision of which one to use.

Linux is an open source server solution which is highly scalable. It also will differ it its features from one hosting firm to another. There is something which is considered as a loose standard for Linux hosting features, but if you decide to go with this type server it is a good practice to shop around before making a decision.

A Windows server on the other hand is like a pre-packaged deal. It is what it is, and the features included are what you get. The Microsoft servers come with proprietary technology, and there are a few who believe it is slower than Linux. In actuality, there is no real difference in speed which would be worth choosing one over the other based on this claim.

You may be wondering if there are any advantages to using a Windows server rather than a Linux server. The answer is yes. Since Microsoft has the proprietary . Net framework system and ASP, you will want to choose it over Linux if you plan on using either of them.

If you intend to build websites for others which use resources such as Frontpage and ASP, you will be happier with Windows. By getting a reseller windows hosting account, you will be able to offer this hosting to others, or build up a network of your own sites in an economical manner.

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