When Marketing Your Home Less Is Best

Cut back on fancy decorating when it comes time to market your home.

Over the years many things are collected and gathered in the average home and we have all seen how bad clutter looks from the extreme cases shown on television.

We overlook our own clutter because we live with it. It may be a pile of newspapers on the bench, children’s artwork stuck to the fridge or the mail piling up on the coffee table. These problems can be solved by cleaning house and de-cluttering which are not the same thing. A small collection of figurines or pictures on a wall can look like clutter to a non-family member.

De-cluttering your home can help potential buyers see how much space is in your home and help them envision their belongings replacing yours. When we move we picture replacing their couches with ours but not their pile o newspapers with our pile of newspapers even though most of us take our clutter along with us.

To get an idea of what un-cluttered space looks like just pick up an interior design magazine and take a look at it. Another way to get an idea is to tour furniture stores where they have mock rooms set up. Everything is impersonal with no pictures of family members and everything is in it’s place to make the area feel new.

The hardest part, however, is getting your home from the place where you live to a place that another person can envision as their new home.

Doing that will require a careful evaluation of your living space from the foyer to the bath.

Pack a room at a time to make it easier. You are going to sell your home so why not start boxing up things that you will not be needing right now. Just putting away those things will begin the process of de-cluttering your rooms as knick-knacks, souvenirs and family portraits are put away. This will have the dual benefit of not only making your space less cluttered and easier to clean when you need to prepare for a prospective buyer.

Once you’ve put away the things you know you won’t need, take it a step further by boxing up some of your collections as well. It’s easy to crowd too many books or movies on a shelf and while they’re not in your way, they do add clutter. Make your closet space bigger by putting away clothes that you never wear and boxing them up.

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