When Is It Time To Call An Orange County Plumbing Pro?

There are some definite times that everyone should choose to call an Orange County Plumbing professional. When dealing with Plumbing, you do not want a Mickey Mouse job, so calling the plumber makes sense. Unless you are a physician, you would not try to diagnose your family member’s sickness and write a prescription for the remedy. In the same manner, you there are times you need the professional plumber.

When dealing with natural gas lines, the job should always be left to the professional. If fact, many cities require that plumbing be done by a licensed professional by law. Working on your own gas lines can lead to dangerous situations. Even though an odor is added to natural gas, small leaks may not be detected just by odor, but can allow a buildup of gas that could cause an explosion. The plumber will have the right equipment so that he can assure you that there are no leaks in the line.

Gas lines in homes are still made of black iron pipe today. In order to fit properly, this pipe needs to be cut and threaded. This work is beyond the ability of most home owners and the equipment required is expensive. If pipes are improperly threaded, they can leak. If they are not tightened properly, they can also leak. The only way to properly test the pipes is by pressure testing to ensure that there are no gas leaks.

Work on mainlines is also a job that is best left to professionals. This applies to both water and sewer lines.

Even the process of turning off the water at the meter requires that you have special equipment. Plumbers have a long rod which has a special tip to fit the valve. The tool is called a street key and turns off all water to the home.

If your main sewer line is plugged, there are a few things that you can do. Most rental companies offer to rent a power snake for the sewer line. Four hours is normally enough time to remove tree roots from the line. If the snake does not clear the plug there may be something wrong that will necessitate calling a plumber. An Orange county plumbing professional can find the problem and make a suggested solution.

Whenever you are unsure about the correct way to use any equipment or how to complete a project, you need to call for the professionals. They are able to resolve plumbing problems very quickly. They will save you much frustration and may even save you money.

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