When Getting ‘Framed’ Isn’t A Bad Thing

If you’ve ever bought an inferior product in an effort to save some money you’ve most likely been disappointed by the outcome. It’s usually true that cheap things aren’t good and good things aren’t cheap. The inexpensive imitation of quality products is rife and just because something looks good doesn’t signify good (or even adequate) performance.

Cheap goods have flooded the market, as I’m sure you’re well aware. I live in an Asian country and buying American (which is my nationality) requires extra expense in the form of taxes and duties. And, of course, ‘Made in America’ is going to cost more than ‘Made in China’ anyway. It’s worth it.

I received a couple new photos from my Mom and Dad and needed to find some suitable photograph frames to display this latest version of my octogenarian parents. Where I live (in the Philippines) it’s difficult to find quality-made items without paying exorbitant prices (relative to the cost of cheap, Made in China goods). A good alternative is to shop online. We chose to go to the mall. The store had hundreds of choices and most looked pretty good. Everything was produced in some Asian country and the prices were cheap (oops!). We got two gold-looking frames for the equivalent of about a buck each.

Trying to put the pictures in the frames was challenging. Several of the retainers broke and the back was too loose in the frame. This caused the photos to slide down, which I remedied by applying some duct tape to the back. This worked pretty well and was hidden from view so it looked okay too.

After a few weeks the tape started peeling away and the photos started slipping again. I put a couple of rubber bands around each frame and this did a great job of holding everything together but it also looked really funky. It was time to find some new ones.

I searched online for ‘photo and certificate frames’ and was surprised to receive nearly half a million hits on my query. There must be a lot of frame purveyors out there. I started at the top of the list and didn’t have to travel far before finding what I wanted.

You can find anything you want on these various websites. If you can’t find just the right material, style, size and color you desire you can also order custom-made frames at reasonable prices. I like the Internet. It makes buying things so convenient. Maybe I learned my lesson this time and can save some headaches in the future. We’ll see!

Bob Proctor has been writing articles since 2006 and is an expert on Uk marriage visa certificate holders, however he also likes to write about Uk marriage visa magnetic photo frames

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