When Can You Do It, And When Should You Give Up And Call The Plumber

When plumbing work needs to be done, most folks call the plumber right off the bat. After all, they’re the guys to call, right? The only trouble is that plumbers’ services are pricey. Most charge you even to have a look at your pipes. Are they ripping you off? Of course not; they charge a lot because they have the tools and experience, and they can basically work miracles (if you’re a homeowner, you understand!). They also have their expenses that need to be covered. But, what if you could do it yourself?

DIY plumbing is a terrific way to reduce costs and to learn something. it could also cause more difficulty if you do not know what you are doing. There’s a time for do it yourself plumbing… And there is a time to just pick up the telephone.

The number 1 plumbing problem on earth is clogged drains. Hair, tissue paper, lint, food bites or a bunch of other stuff can get jammed down there and lead to a tiny disaster. There isn’t a need to despair! Most clogged drains are easy to handle. If the water is coming back up, or refusing to go down, there’s a fair chance it’s simply some hair stuck in there. If it is a sink, take away the top part, pop on some rubber gloves, and reach down there yourself. Be particularly careful if you’ve got a disposal and make sure it’s off! You can mostly take away the block yourself, and would it be a shame to pay serious cash so a plumber could do that for you?

Nothing panics you like seeing the water well up out of the toilet… And spill all over the floor! If your toilet breaks, your life will be changed a lot. No-one wants to need to go outside! This is generally a straightforward block, too, however it can be tougher than a sink. Step one is by using the plunger. If that does not work, run a regular store-bought pipe cleaner thru it. These pipe cleaners can be purchased at any food store or ironmongery store. Follow directions fastidiously.

Each pipe cleaner has its own method, usually involving pouring it in, waiting an hour, flushing so-many times and saying some magic words. If the problem doesn’t get any better, you can try again, but don’t mix pipe cleaners. Some folks do this thinking it will clear up a strong clog, but it can produce toxic effects or make the problem worse. If your clog is too strong for the plunger and pipe cleaner, now’s the time to call your plumber.

The sewage tank Has a Mind of Its Own What’s it doing down there? Is it going to explode and cover my house in raw sewage!? Do not panic and don’t fool with it. You can feel like you are troublesome and can take on the poop tank “mano a mano”, but do not try it. Leave poop tank issues to an experience plumber. The rationale is that any septic-tank goof up could finish up damaging your home and costing you mega-bucks for repairs… And major plumbing work.

If in doubt with any plumbing problem, just call the professionals and let them handle it. Sure, DIY plumbing can teach you some at-home plumbing techniques, but it can also teach you that you aren’t a plumber and it stinks to throw down thousands on home repairs.

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