Wheelchair Access At Polling Stations 2010

The recent electoral voting has been subject to much controversy and the following story highlights some of the problems encountered by people up and down the country who intended to vote. A wheelchair user had to be physically dragged in to a polling station in order to cast his vote, the full details of this shocking case are below..

Azeema Ditta, a spina bifida sufferer from Accrington has spoken out at how he was told by a polling station official that he could not vote after there was no wheelchair access at the station.

Mr Ditta claimed that officials refused to assist him after he was unable to enter the polling station via the large steps leading up to the door. There was no attempt to make the polling station wheelchair friendly.

Mr Ditta’s family then attempted to get his wheelchair up the steps where his wife then slipped causing considerable pain to her legs after getting trapped by the wheelchair. Mr Ditta was then finally able to make his vote but felt he had deserved an apology after the ‘disgusting’ treatment he had received at the polling station.

The elections have been rife with complaints this year with many people being refused entry and unable to vote before the 10pm closing time.

A council spokesperson said of Mr Ditta’s case, “When looking for polling stations we do try our best to identify buildings with disabled access. However, in one or two cases across the borough, this isn’t always possible.

If Mr Ditta’s family had not been there to physically carry him into the polling station it is likely he would not have been able to vote at all. This is hopefully a case that will be used in order to make sure all polling stations are wheelchair friendly in the future.

A shake up of the whole voting process has been called for after numerous cases like Mr Ditta’s and the people unable to vote due to stations closing caused public uproar.

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