Whats To Do When Your Dishwasher Breaks Down

Dishwashers always tend to break at the most inopportune moments. They also tend to be tricky to fix. Here are a few things to try out first before calling your Utah plumber.

Make sure the dishwasher is broken down. See where the dishwasher was at during the cycle. Was it stopped mid-cycle or was it completed and the water is just not draining properly? If it was stopped mid-cycle that would explain the lack of drainage.

If there is no chance of re-starting the dishwasher look for causes that could have made it break down mid-cycle. For example, there may be a power interruption or broken circuit. Make sure that the electricity is working in the room.

Check to make sure that the dishwasher opens and closes correctly. If the door gets pushed open it will stop the dishwasher from completing its cycle. If you find the problem was the circuit breaker then you should can cancel the cycle, then run out your dishwasher.

Next, look at the drain of your dishwasher. Utah plumbers know that keeping the drain clear is very important if you want your dishwasher to work properly. If you are loading your dishwasher be sure to keep all large chunks of food off plates so you do not clog the drain.

Dishwasher hoses can get clogged. Find your dishwasher’s owner’s manual and find where the hoses are. It will be able to tell you how to unhook hoses and where to locate them.

The usual spot to look is under your kitchen sink that is connected to the dishwasher. Check for any cracks or looseness with the hoses. If you need to unhook them to check be sure to have a bowl handy to catch any water.

After checking all of these solutions and it still is not working it is time to call in a professional Utah plumber. Utah plumbers are usually able to find the cause of the malfunction quickly and then can take care of it. They can also offer suggestions on how the problem happened, and tips on how to avoid it from happening again if it was caused by something you did.

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