What’s The Difference Between Micro Brew And Regular Beer?

There are a number of differences between regular beer and micro brewed beers. Now that microbreweries are seemingly springing up everywhere, some beer lovers won’t drink anything else and others stand by their favorite old brand of beer. Really, it all depends on individual preferences, but there are a few basic differences. Microbreweries are usually smaller and provide a wider selection of beer flavors than regular pubs and bars do.

There are some advantages to drinking at a microbrewery rather than drinking at a regular pub. One advantage is the microbrewery’s beer is extremely fresh and many times you can sample a new strain of beer immediately after it’s brewed. Unlike the big brewing companies, microbreweries buy the freshest ingredients locally, meaning they support the local economy. What you spend on beer goes directly to the owners of the brewery and they spend their money at local stores, buying necessary equipment and supplies.

Microbreweries usually make smaller batches of beer so it won’t grow stale. There are many kinds of micro beers across the world. Because there are different ones in each state in the country and around the world, some people participate in beer tasting tours. This is just like a wine tasting tour, but you are sampling brews from the area you’re visiting. These are great fun, but make sure you have a designated driver with you.

Another big difference between commercial breweries and microbreweries is that the smaller ones tend to experiment a bit more with different flavors, hops, and fermented sugars. They also buy local and therefore use the freshest ingredients. You will find some are a bit more expensive than the mainstream products, but you’re getting a high quality beer and you know where it’s made. Some use secret ingredients which make their beer have better foam, better tasting, and less bitter. Some of these microbreweries have gone a bit more mainstream, meaning there is a better selection available in the local stores. Many of the specialty breweries you find in stores are from microbreweries.

Just about every town across the country has at least one microbrewery in it. Each microbrewery creates their own unique beer with a distinct style and flavor. If you want to try something a little different, try a beer from each one of these microbreweries. Not only will the beer be of better quality, but you will find that the people that frequent these establishments are often more friendly and open than the patrons of regular pubs and bars. Someone is always available to lend a helping hand to help you choose a brew that’s just right for you. There is always a friendly atmosphere at microbreweries, and often the patrons know a lot about the different kinds because it’s very likely that they’ve tasted nearly every single one over the years.

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