What’s Involved In The Teeth Whitening Process?

We all live in a world centered around beauty. All the fashion magazines, television shows and celebrity news are centered around what the hottest new beauty trend is. Your smile is among the very first things a person meeting you will see and the whiteness of your smile will often reflect how much/little you value your appearance. It’s really important to keep your smile in tip-top condition with regular brushing and flossing — and also utilizing a whitening product once or twice a year will go a long way.

The teeth whitening process

It’s important to be informed about how stains can form on your teeth. Many advertisements will talk about how stains form on the “surface” of your teeth, which is correct, but stains aren’t limited to only the surface. Any teeth whitening process will involve a product that actually penetrates the tooth enamel, to lighten the stains which form on the inside of the tooth (dentin) in the form of a bleaching product.

What’s in teeth whiteners?

Whitening products for home users are mostly made up of peroxide ingredients, which break down into oxygen molecules and penetrate the tooth enamel to bleach the stains. What few people realize is that if you were only to remove the surface stains, like many whitening toothpastes do, then you would not get the healthy luminous shine as a result.

Teeth actually have a transparency to them, which allows light to pass through them — giving your teeth the “pearly white” look that we all strive for. That’s why it’s important for the teeth whitening process to zap away the surface stains, while also penetrating the surface enamel to bleach stains that are inside your teeth.

Final thoughts

The teeth whitening process used at a dentist are often the same quality that you would receive from a home-based product. Laser whitening is the only method that can surpass bleaching, but there can be pain involved with laser treatment — along with extreme costs. With the use of home-based treatments, that have a solid reputation, it’s possible to have a movie star smile in a short period of time.

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