What You Should Know About Water Filters

Water filters are used to remove the impurities that are often found in water these days. It does this by means of a chemical process, a biological process, sieving, ion exchanges, absorption, or a fine physical barrier. One advantage to using a filter is that it can remove particles that are smaller than the holes through which it passes in a screen. The reasons for the need for cleansing water are varied. For example some water is filtered for use in aquariums, drinking water, swimming pools, and irrigation.

The choosing of a filter for your water is more difficult than it may seem. A few of the reasons for such a difficulty are the many types of filters available to choose from, the types of contaminants that are found in the water, and the type of water that issues forth from your faucet. Thus not all kinds of filters are effective in all circumstances. Therefore it is necessary to review some of the more common types of filtration devices in order to make an informed decision.

The first type of filter, and the most common, is a charcoal filter. The source of the charcoal is usually coconut husks. A charcoal filter or cartridge absorbs the impurities found in water as it passes through it. A few reasons for this type of filter being so popular is that it can be installed easily, is relatively inexpensive, and usually filters out the majority of the impurities that are found in water.

A magnetic filter is next in the popularity scale. A magnetic field is used as the medium through which the water flows and is purified. It rearranges the ions inside the water. There are those that debate the effectiveness of this type of mechanism as it is believed that very little lasting changes occur as the ion is not split.

Ionized water is the result of what is known as an ion filter. The water is electronically altered by the use of positive and negative electrodes. This alteration results in the separation of the water an the minerals within into two types. The first is acidic water and the second is alkaline water. Acidic water is used for cleansing the body by means of taking a bath and is known for killing bacteria. Alkaline water is popular for drinking and is known to have detoxifying properties.

Reverse osmosis is another popular choice for filtration. It works through an osmotic process involving the use of a fine membrane to rid the water of impurities. Unfortunately it also takes the minerals and other substances that are considered good for you as well which leaves the water very pure. The fact that this system of filtration requires a professional technician to maintain it by changing the membrane periodically is the reason for it being a bit uncommon in use.

Another way that water has been filtered is through ultraviolet light. It eliminates the bacteria present in most sources of water. The most common settings for the use of this type of filtration systems is in hospitals or business. Cost of maintenance is expensive because trained professionals are needed to keep one of these units functioning properly. Which is why it is seldom seen in use in a home.

Water filters are available in a variety of different models. Each are usually effective in the circumstances they have been designed for. Thus not every filter is right for any setting. Do your research then and discover the best one for at home, or at your place of business.

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