What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Web Designer

For those that can master it, or even collaborate with it, the Internet is fast becoming a source of power. Companies and individuals with websites are able to market themselves efficiently by setting themselves above the competition. Those that aren’t present online are losing valuable business. Having a website will greatly increase business opportunities. Many people considering hiring a web designer, however, walk into the process with no knowledge of the web design process. This leads to many miscommunications and problems further down the road, sometimes costing the business thousands of dollars.

The first step in designing any website is to figure out what the business owner or individual wants. The price, layout, theme, colors, fonts, and number of pages will all be discussed during this phase. After this phase is completed, the designer will start creating pages in a design program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

These designs will then be submitted to the client. After the designer receives feedback on their designs they will go back and tweak the site until it looks exactly the way the client envisioned it. This phase is extremely important for the client. Once everything is finalized, clients will be charged additional fees if they request changes.

Once the pages are designed and approved, they will then be created in a program like Adobe Dreamweaver. This is where things will become difficult for the web designer. They will be working with html, divs, floats, and other highly complex tools. Once the pages designed have been recreated in Dreamweaver, there are other small details the designer will have to complete. The pages will all be linked together, all links will be examined, and any JavaScript or other affects will be tested to make sure they are working properly.

The last step in setting up a website is to purchase a web host and domain name, and then upload the web pages. Sometimes this is done first or during the design process. This last step will enable the website to come to life. Once the site is finished, the client will receive a password that will enable them to login and update and modify things on the site. This password needs to be complex so that hackers will have trouble changing things. Safety is always important, but not just when it comes to websites. It is also important to ensure businesses and homes are safe. This can be done easily with a home security system.

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