What You Need To Know About Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition whereby you feel pain in the lower areas of the back right down to the lower limbs. The pain is restricted to numbness; tingling sensations and a weakened back and limbs. For those of us who haven’t experienced sciatica you can be rest-assured that there is nothing to worry about, it is a fairly subtle and treatable pain.

There is what is called the sciatic nerve, a nerve that stretches from the back right down to the lower limbs. And like all other nerves it transmits sensations, good and bad. From this vantage point it makes sense that sciatica is characterised by symptoms related to sensation like numbness; tingly sensations and a weakness in the lower back and limbs. Just for the record, the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.

A lot of causes have been cited as the sources of pain but only a few of those are actually real causes. When sciatic pain is triggered what would have happened is that pressure would have been applied against the sciatic nerve causing to swell. So when the nerve is swollen it is only natural that sensations will become distorted resulting in the numbness and tingly feeling. This is the case when you sit for a long time in an uncomfortable position.

Apart from swellings emanating from improper sitting positions they can also be caused by the bone structures in the spinal column vertebrae. When the vertebrae in the spinal columns slip out of position and fall over the sciatic nerve pressure is applied on the sciatic nerve. Inevitably a distortion of sensations will occur and the tingling sensations will result.

Sciatic pain is a very normal form of pain, it’s the name that makes it seem like it is a complicated condition. Owing to this the treatments are very much simple. One remedy is the ice pack. Fill a plastic with ice and tie it close. After this take the ice-pack and rub it gently over the places you feel the most pain. Do this three times a day and you’ll be feeling a lot better by the morning of the next day.

An alternative is the heat pack. The heat pack is usually a plastic tube that you fill with hot water, more like a bed warmer for cold winter nights but slightly hotter. Fill it up with hot water and then rub it against the areas where you feel pain just like the ice pack. Pain relief can begin within hours if administered properly.

Another form of treatment is massage therapy. With massage therapy the irregularities in the lower back causing swelling will be greatly readjusted. The good thing about a massage is that it triggers the release of ‘feel good’ hormones as well as relaxing muscles in the lower back. In addition to this you could also try acupuncture.

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