Disability Is Not A Death Sentence

The truth about disability is something that a lot of people are unable to get when they are looking for accurate facts. This is due to the fact that many times a person is not fully informed as to the different types of disabilities there are. This lack of information is a great problem for many people when it comes to the subject.

The more common type of disability is a physical; this can a lot of times mean that a person is unable to perform daily activities like a regular person can. They may be able to perform tasks in a similar manner with the assistance of people or devices but since they cannot do them under their own bodily power they are considered to be disabled.

When a person suffers from a physical disability they at times have to adjust their daily life in order to make sure that they are able to function as well as they can given their handicaps. With the proper assistance, these people are able to live a more normal life than they would without them.

Physical disabilities also include those of the sensory awareness category. These are disabilities that may affect the eyes as well as the ears. A person may have full use of their arms and legs, only to be limited by the use of their eyes in seeing or hearing. Most times this will be grouped into the physical disability.

There is another type which is called mental disability; this is where a person may have a mental handicap that prevents them from functioning like the rest of society. This may as simple as having difficulty reading due to sever dyslexia or as complex as sever retardation. This may be a result of a learning issue or a social issue. The unfortunate part is that many times these people are placed all in the same group and often, people who are not really disabled are labeled as such.

A learning disability on the other hand is one that means a person is not able to learn the basics that they need to know in order to function without difficulty, types of disabilities which fall into this group are dyslexia, ADHD and Autism. Many times these are placed in a generic category and are not differentiated between the two.

A person who is short termed disabled is often-times placed on workers compensation if the accident occurred while on the job. If it did not they or their insurance will pay for the treatments and living expenses they have while disabled. If the disability is the result of a car accident, then they may need a lawyer in order to get compensation for their injuries.

These advancements have helped people live a more active life and allowed them to feel like they are not as different as society has made them feel during their life. As time goes on there will be an increase in the amount of advancements that will allow a person to live more freely. Perhaps one day we may see a world without disabilities altogether.

Many people feel that them being disabled is something that has and will continue to hold them back. This does not have to be the case and a lot of times if they are willing to do a little research then they will be able to find ways to still be active in the world around them.

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