Advantages Of Botox San Antonio

To be able to get a smooth, young looking skin, a lot of women opt to go for an anti aging or Botox San Antonio treatment. This particular anti aging science breakthrough helps a lot in reducing wrinkles as well as all fine lines that can be found in the face or even in the hands; thus helping women to achieve a younger looking appearance. Approved by the FDA, Botox San Antonio is an effective anti aging treatment that does not require surgery unlike a facelift San Antonio procedure.

So what is Botox? Botox is a type A Botulinium toxin that is reduced to its purest form. This anti aging treatment is done by injecting a small dosage (or several, depending on how much is needed) of Botox into the muscles; which is a very simple process compared to a full facelift San Antonio procedure. The treatment works by lessening the muscle contractions that eventually creates wrinkles and fine lines. When the muscle contractions are stopped, the skin’s smooth and natural appearance is maintained. Again, the number of Botox injections varies from one person to another. There are several areas that can be treated by Botox injections, the most common of which are the wrinkles or lines around the mouth, lines on the neck, Crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

Botox treatment and the plastic surgery San Antonio or face lift methods are two different cosmetic procedures. The Botox engage less time for the patient to patient to be in bed. After the Botox solution is introduce on the patient’s face, the patient can now go on with their daily chores. This is very different with the plastic surgery San Antonio patients because the patients have to be in bed for a week, since the patient has undergone a delicate and surgical operation. Many are searching for clinics that perform Botox treatment and they can have this Botox San Antonio in Texas.

A lot of cosmetic surgery patients favor Botox because it is, by far, the only cosmetic treatment that does not pose any major side effects for the patient; and it is proven to be really effective. There are of course some minor discomforts that will be experienced and doctors always inform patients about these before doing the procedure. Minor side effects include pain in the injected area that will last for a few hours, headaches, nausea, vomiting, bruising, swelling and redness. Patients have often described these side effects as the same as is having done a San Antonio rhinoplasty procedure. The only difference being, Botox’s minor side effects would only last for a few hours to a maximum of one day. A person who had a San Antonio rhinoplasty would need a minimum of one week for the swelling to go down.

Botox injections can beautify your skin with a short span of time, and can treat even the most impossible to heal wrinkle marks. Botox San Antonio injection treatment is better than any type of cosmetic surgery because it is considered as an instant beauty solution, though it is an expensive venture to undergo such valuable procedure.

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