What To Use For Fencing Central Florida

Judging by the number of companies located in the central Florida area, fencing would appear to be big business here. Although there are a plethora of styles to choose from, fencing central Florida seems to have narrowed the materials used, down to a mere handful.

A very popular choice of material at the moment is PVC. There are, however, four different types of vinyl PVC fence. Only one of them is really value for money. The first type a plastic material is extremely brittle and is normally coated with polyurethane. In time it takes on a yellowish hue and will last about five years.

The second type, refurbish material is vinyl and recycled plastic melted together and coated in polyurethane. It is also sometimes coated with vinyl and will last about ten years. The third, monoextruded, extracts vinyl from plastic and has a polyurethane coating. It is thin and brittle and the coating will wear off in three to five years.

Double extruding the vinyl of the final material makes it the number one choice in the PVC range. Crude oil, natural gas and Titanium Dioxide combined with the vinyl give it excellent protection from UV damage. It offers excellent resistance to extremes of temperature, wind and moisture and requires little maintenance during its extended lifetime.

Wood has always been quite popular. It is assembled in one or two ways. Stick, also known as on site, or prefab. Prefab is assembled in sections of eight feet each and get attached to their posts using staples or tack nails. Stick building requires assembly piece by piece on site with the sections attached to their posts using nails with rings on the shank. When driven into the wood the rings act like screw threads. Using a sealant with an oil base to preserve the wood is preferred to using an acrylic based product as the oil soaks into the wood and dries from the center out and does not require as many applications.

Aluminum is cheaper to install than wrought iron, does not require a much maintenance, and generally resists corrosion from lawn chemicals, soil and water. There are normally three grades of aluminum, commercial, light commercial and residential. The residential seems to be the industry standard but care should be exercised if installing it. It can quickly fade to a dull gray. Try to choose a powder coating with UV protection. Problems are often experienced with the cheap self tapping screws used to hold it together. The light commercial grade is recommended but of course, is more expensive.

The stone fence would suit a small yard. Erected to a reasonable height, it will be harder to climb, easy to maintain and have a longer life. For more ideas on fences, search for fencing central Florida.

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