What To Know About Designing Corporate Literature In Leeds

The design of corporate literature in Leeds should follow some fundamental guidelines. So, if you are planning to publish a new brochure about your company, it would be to your advantage to use the services of a professional design agency. The graphics, wording and layout should give an accurate summary of your company.

There are several factors that can influence the effect of the final product. From a marketing standpoint, it should incorporate three main requirements. These are an outline of the company’s goals, the company’s position in the market, and a clear indication of the company’s brand.

Highlighting your corporate brand is probably the most important of all. A corporate brochure often forms part of other marketing tools, therefore it should reflect the overall ethos of your company’s image. To this end, the designer should be familiarized with how you have presented the company in the past. Show him or her samples of previous literature.

When it comes to colors and fonts, stick with those that have been used previously even if you want the new publication to look more modern. Your readers will instantly be able to identify your company’s unique branding. Also, clearly define the company’s stance in the specific industry.

You can do this by including a mission or vision statement. Select some good photographs of your services or products and include relevant and interesting text. Compose the text yourself because no-one knows your company better than you. It can be corrected and edited by a writer at the design studio.

Finally, remember the old adage ‘less is more’. This is very pertinent to corporate literature in Leeds. Your brochure should have impact but, at the same time, it must look fresh, simple and clean. Make sure you convey this to the designer. Always ask for a sample copy to proofread before it goes off to print.

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