What To Expect When Working Abroad As An Au Pair

When someone is just starting out in their adult life, they usually want to visit other countries. Spending extended time abroad and living with a local family is the best way to really experience a new place. Working abroad as an au pair is one way that someone could live on another continent while gaining precious experiences and taking in a foreign way of life.

Once someone makes the choice to get an au pair job, it will be about one month from the time they apply to the time they get a job. They will usually need to provide the family with a resume, application and reliable references. Also, it is typical for the family to request a phone interview with the candidate. Au pairs should keep in mind that they will need to fund their own travel once they are hired.

Many au pairs move in with a family for the span of one year. However, there are also positions available for a summer job as an au pair. If someone takes a summer job as a nanny, they can expect to be abroad from July to September and to accompany the family on vacation. While this is a great opportunity for someone looking for a short term commitment, they will have less free time because the children will be out of school.

The person employed as an au pair should feel like part of the family and not as much as someone working for the family. Their work week should not exceed thirty hours in five days and babysitting two nights a week. For their time, the family should provide them with a room of their own and all of their meals, as well as spending money of about seventy five dollars each week.

The normal expectations of an au pair and their host family vary depending on the country. For example, an au pair in France can expect their host family to not only pay them weekly but to contribute to the cost of French lessons. In Germany, au pairs are expected to do more work around the house, but the family contributes to the cost of their return travel. Before taking a position as an au pair, it is wise to research what is standard in that country.

Working abroad as an au pair is a great way for a young person to see the world. They will be given food to eat and a roof over their heads in exchange for simply helping with the care of children. For someone who loves to travel and loves children, this is an excellent opportunity.

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