What To Do To Stay Healthy When Losing Fat

Because of ever increasing rates of obesity, fitness is now more important than ever in the history of our species.

The bad news, though, is that if you don’t exercise correctly, you can do some serious damage to your body.

So, here are 6 strategies for avoiding injuries when losing weight:

1. Warm up: This may sound basic, but too many people simply start exercising without any type of warm up. And all it takes is one minor distraction when you are cold and you could end up with a serious injury. Make sure you warm up to make all your tendons and ligaments more pliable.

2. Add as much variety as possible: This is a great way to avoid overuse injuries that slowly creep up on you over time until it’s too late. For instance, lifelong swimmers usually end up having issues with their shoulders because this area is heavily used.

3. Take time off when you are getting sick: Even if the symptoms are mild, you need to take some time off. The last thing you want is a mild case of sickness turning into something that gets out of control and sidelines you for months.

4. Don’t juice your shoes: Strive to change your shoes at least every 6 months. This will prevent your joints from absorbing excessive amounts of wear and tear. Do not fall into the trap of juicing every last ounce out of your shoes.

5. Drink very cold water often: Do not buy into the myth that hot water is better for your body. Research has shown that cold water is more readily absorbed than hot water. And the best approach here is to take your own supply.

6. Make your connective tissue strong first: Too many people make the mistake of lifting too hard too soon. Do this and you run the risk of joint damage. You are better off using lighter weights with higher repetitions to make your joints strong.

Staying injury free is absolutely critical when you want to maximize your fitness gains. After all, all it takes is one serious injury to completely reverse all your progress.

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