What The Heck Are Bolster Pillows Anyway?

Bolster pillows are long, narrow pillows whose name comes from Old English. They are normally found at the head of the bed (in Western countries) and can be covered with just about any available material. The filling can be made from cotton, down, or any other type of fiber (natural or synthetic). While westerners usually use them for head or neck support, those living in Asian countries have a different use.

For Easterners, a bolster pillow is a ‘hugging pillow’. In Japanese, the name given is ‘dakimakura’, which means ‘bamboo wife’. Traditionally, Japanese women made a pillow from bamboo for their husbands who were away from home. These could be ‘hugged’, in lieu of the wife who wasn’t available.

In China, the name for a bolster pillow simply means ‘hugging pillow’ while in the Philippines the term is ‘tandayan’, which is also the name of the fruit which resembles these pillows’ shape (long and narrow). The common Filipino name, though, is ‘hot-dog pillow’! Shape, again, is the responsible for this most descriptive appellation.

As with most things, the Internet is rife with sites offering this type of pillow for purchase. A wide assortment of designs and materials is available and you can either choose stock items or custom design your own creation. Covering materials are varied and some manufacturers even give you the option of sending your own material to them, from which they’ll make your custom pillows.

Bolsters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the choice of material used for the coverings. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors (on the deck, patio or swimming pool) this is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and style to your outside space. Synthetic fiber fillers are the best choice for pillows used primarily outdoors.

They say a bolster pillow is helpful for pregnant women (to help them become more comfortable while lying in bed). A recent movie featured a woman who preferred hugging her long pillow in place of her husband. He eventually ended up throwing the thing out a two-story apartment window into a dumpster below. She ended up digging it out and bringing back in!

Bolster pillows are quickly catching on in America and the market is growing. They seem to have more functionality than a normal bed pillow. They’re also still somewhat unique and can add a special accent to the spaces in which they’re used.

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