“Perhaps the most wonderful design in the history of the company.”

In 1991, Apple introduced the System 7 operating system for Macintosh computers-not on a floppy disk, as before,but on a disk. She spent four years making edits and in May 1995 released a major update — System 7.5, which provided “unified access to e-mail, fax and the Internet”.
The previous OS System 6 cost $49, and System 7.5 – $134.99. New computers already came with the system, but to install it on previous Macs, you had to buy it. Realizing that the price was high, Apple decided to offer a gift of choice along with System 7.5:
Or Conflict Catcher 3-a program for eliminating conflicts with third-party software.
Or your new Apple Watch.
Apple Watch of 1995: they were not similar to modern ones, but hinted at future developments of the company
In terms of colors and geometry, the design of the Apple Watch resembles both the “Bauhaus” – the works of Alain Silberstein, and the “Memphis” style, and the works of the Impressionists. And it’s also probably the weirdest in the history of Apple.
The clock on the dial is not indicated, but it is possible to understand when twelve, three, six and nine o’clock comes — by the round steel “marks” on the edging and the dial itself.
The hour hand is made in the form of a green triangle, the minute hand resembles a popsicle stick, the second hand resembles a winding path. However, together with the clock, they seem to form an Apple computer mouse, which at that time had not yet been released.
The watch case is made of stainless steel. It is also used to mount the strap-as in chronograph watches.
The dial is edged with a blue anodized aluminum frame – the one that all Apple products have: from computers to phones.
The watch strap is engraved with Mac OS, but the company began to use such an abbreviation only in 1997. In 1995, the systems were designated by the word System and ordinal numbers.
Initially, the straps were made of rubber, but users of eBay, Etsy or Reddit often resell leather versions, since the rubber ones have worn out for so long.
On the back cover of the case there is a note that the Japanese movement is made of quartz, as well as an ironic engraving now — “Modern design”.

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