What The Different Rose Colors Mean And Why You Send Them

Giving someone a bouquet of roses may be saying more than you know. Learning what the different rose colors mean helping you decide who you should give some to. This is even truer if you give roses to someone you care deeply about. For a look at some gorgeous roses, go online to visit KaBloom.

If you would like to say to someone you love them, then red is the rose color you can say it with. Nothing in the world is as touching as receiving a dozen red roses, especially if you are at work and everyone sees them. A normal shade of pink rose says that you are very happy in the relationship with the rose recipient. Mixing these with red would tell someone about the way you feel about them.

Other pink roses that are in a different shade also have symbolic meaning. The darkest pink means that you want to sincerely thank someone for a kind deed they have done for you. If you know someone that has recently lost someone close to them, then you can let know you sympathize with their feelings with a pastel pink color rose.

White is a symbol of purity in many things as it also for roses. This is why many couples choose white roses to have for their wedding. If you see bouquets of white and red roses at a wedding, those colors together mean unity. These are beautiful for displaying near the altar.

There are many rose colors to choose from. Yellow is for friendship while lavender is for enchantment. If you want to tell someone you have a desire for them, give them a bouquet of orange roses. One choice of rose color that you will want to avoid giving to anyone is black.

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