What Social Media Is In The Years To Come With Blippy

Finding the glitch with the Twitter-esque social media application called Blippy freaked out some people. Some credit card data was wide open on the net. Representatives of the application have corrected the issue. They also have a plan to beef up their security. Blippy can be used as a cautionary tale about sharing private information on the internet, but it can be a lot of fun too and that is what social media is.

[youtube:c1wiGt5aJ0c;Find out more about [link:what social media is];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1wiGt5aJ0c&feature=related] Sharing your financial decisions with your friends is what Blippy is all about. This can be anything from every purchase you make on every card you own or just the items you get from Amazon. It is also an option to add your checking account so that debit card purchases are shown.

The settings are easy to use. Deciding what you want to display is up to you. When we make purchases, instead of telling the story of what we got and where we got it, we can just point to Blippy. It’s just another way to share with the internet.

If you are needing to shed yourself of impulse buys, then Blippy could probably help. Blippy can also do all of the bragging for you. Advertisers are obviously going to get the most benefit from this information. Consider though that charitable donations can be made and displayed. This might encourage others to make similar contributions.

Most people essentially already have their buying habits monitored; they just don’t have it on the internet for everyone to see. One such program would be a grocery store club card. Every purchase is kept on record and that is how they know which coupons to distribute to their target market.

Blippy can definitely be a new way to check up on your spouse and his or her spending. Your friends will probably find some of your media purchases interesting and ask to borrow that blue ray you just got. Advertisers will know which coupons they should offer to you. It might also mean that more online retailers offer deeper discounts or free shipping. The information can be used in many different ways both good and bad.

Regardless of the security issues Blippy faced at the start, it appears to be as safe as handing your card over to a waiter. A credit card or bank account are required to sign up for the free Blippy account. It is also required to hand over passwords so that the application can access your information. This will put many people off to the entire idea. Blippy asks for a lot of your trust, and it seems that is what social media is, a big test of trust.

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