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Nitric Oxide is a gas produced in the body. It is a signaling molecule used to communicate with other cells of the body. This gas is produced in the body when amino acid L-arginine is broken down by enzymes in the body. L-arginine from the food enters into the blood passing through the stomach. This then enters the endothelial cells found between the blood and lymph, where it is used to produce Nitric Oxide. L-arginine is found in grains, fish, meats, poultry and dairy products. Nitric acid is useful to treat cardiovascular disorders, inflammations, insomnia, digestive problems, pain, diabetes and injury, interstitial cystitis, sexual function, weight loss and female sexual dysfunction.

Nitric Oxide deficiency can be identified when one experiences physical weakness and extreme fatigue. It is supportive to the sports and bodybuilding activities. Nitric Oxide is to be consumed before as well as after each workout. Nitric Oxide supplements are offered in the market. Intake of the supplement improves the delivery of nutrient and oxygen to the muscle with improved blood flow. This improved blood flow is facilitated by Nitric Oxide, a vasodilator. The improved blood flow to the muscle mean that more muscle building agents such as creatine, nutrients and oxygen reaches the muscle. Moreover, it ensures that the blood vessels open for longer duration throughout the day. This results in higher muscle gains, quicker recovery after workouts, increased strength, and more staying power due to the longer pumping of the blood. The natural Nitric Oxide production too is enhanced in the body.

Many Nitric oxide products promise bodybuilders of dramatic muscle growth. But these are not necessarily backed by scientific evidences. Nitric Oxide supplements available in the market include Nitrix by BSN, A-AKG by Pro-line, NO-xplode by BSN, Gaspari SuperPump250, Mid-Cycle by Fizogen and Cold Fusion by Legal Gear. You could check for the views of consumers as well as reviewers on their use and side effects in the Internet.

Prevention of stroke and heart diseases are aided by Nitric Oxide. Prevention of dangerous constriction of blood vessels, control of platelet function, lowering of cholesterol and reduction of artery plaque are other uses. But higher intake can be toxic to cells. It can also lead to low blood pressure that can pose a danger. Nitric oxide supplements are not advised for those with heart conditions.

Nitric Oxide is essential to our bodies. So, we must eat nutritious foods and take body supplements daily such as SuperPump 250, etc.

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