Which web hosting platform on which to put his or her server can be a very difficult choice to make for any newcomer. The two most popular choices are Windows and Linux web servers.

* FTP commands and control panel – Both Windows and Linux servers support these comparably well, but a variety of the FTP commands turn out to be a little different between the two operating systems, since a few of the FTP softwares are intended for use with either one or the other in their initial design. Because of this, you may occasionally receive messages regarding an error when running some FTP commands on one of these servers.

-Support- Linux does not have the same standard of support that Windows does and also suffers from occasionally higher costs and more limited technology implementations. Windows protocols are far more generic when contrasted with Linux that runs on far more particular technologies.

-Security and reliability- as you are probably already aware, Windows is commonly used as a home computing choice so this generally means that the operating system does not have the high technological standards that the Linux platform does since it is mainly used by developers and system engineers. The probability of successful hack attack on Windows OS is a lot higher than Linux OS may also be contributed to their end users as people tend to look for flaws in these common systems.

-Performance- Linux is generally thought to be a slightly better performing system primarily due to the manner in which the Linux server is packaged. Linux plans are usually tailored specifically to work with a target customer in mind. While with Windows they attempt to fulfill any number of tasks and provide a service for every user there could possibly be.

* Conversion – if there are plans for you to change your OS in the near future, then having a Linux web server now is fine as this conversion should be smooth and easy to have your website converted from Linux hosting to Windows hosting. On the other hand, however, it can be much more difficult to say the least to convert your website form a Windows hosting system to that of Linux.

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