What messages in your phone need to be deleted urgently? – expert recommendation

The digital technology specialist explained what information from SMS can be used by fraudsters.

Information about passwords, personal data, as well as messages that can harm your reputation, should be immediately deleted from your phone, says Arseny Shcheltsin, CEO of the ANO Digital Platforms.
The expert also advised to delete service messages, including temporary passwords and links of financial services, authorization codes of social networks and online stores.
“Many applications require not only the phone’s memory, but also a list of contacts and the text of SMS messages. Usually, applications request such access so as not to disturb the user in the case of SMS authorizations. However, these and many other cases with quick access to SMS through viruses or remote recovery of a phone backup without your knowledge turn the SMS piggy bank into the most vulnerable space, ” Prime agency quotes Sheltsin.
He also drew attention to the fact that in some operating systems, the trash for deleted information is not cleared independently and this must be done manually.
“Make a backup, install two-factor verification, do not lose your phone and keep track of your SMS messages,” the expert concluded.

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