What Is The Starting Point Of Oolong Tea In Addition What Is It?

Oolong has two Chinese words in it. Oo in Oolong means black and the long means dragon. In English it is Black Dragon. O-liong te is the pronunciation of the words Oolong tea. This name is not the only one that it is called. Wulung or Wu Lung has the same meaning as Oolong.

Doesn’t really matter what is called all teas are from the same kind of plant. The many different teas come from one plant called Camellia Sinensis. Fermented on different levels. The Black Dragon is fermented only half the way. The oxidation is 10% 70% fermented.

High government officials and the richest get the best of the Oolong teas. Found in many different places. Wu Yi and An’xi is the first and second of two Mountains in Fujian. Guongdong and Taiwan is the two other places that it comes from.

Processed in two different ways. The first of the two different ways is in a ball-like form. Curly leaves is the other way it is processed and it is the oldest of the two.

In the Chinese tea culture it is a semi-oxidized and is called Qingcha meaning clear tea. The taste is similar to green tea. Most times it is brewed to be on the strong side, with it being bitter but has a sweet aftertaste.

There are many different classifications of Oolong teas. It comes in roasted or light. It has different aromas such as fruity or floral. Also the aftertaste and taste of the tea are often melony.

This tea comes from many places and come in many kinds. Da Hong Pao is from the Fujian province and is the first of many. Big Red Robe is what it means in Chinese. This tea is one of the famous Oolong teas.

Another of the places it comes from is Taiwan. Frozen summit or ice peak is what dongding means. With a light smell it is rolled tightly. This is only two of the many Oolong teas.

Weight loss is the main use of any of the Oolong teas, but there is many other uses for it. You can not just drink this because it will not work by itself. Having an exercise regimen and the right diet with the tea is the best.

It can also be used for Type 2 diabetes, eczema, allergies, and bacterial infections. Cavities and cancer are two you can use the tea for. So there are many uses for Oolong and it has many different kinds to choose from. It is also good for relaxing and talking with old friends.

Many have debated on what it is called and where the name came from. Most say it derives from a tea cake tribute that is call Dragon-Phoenix. Wuyi Mountains is another of the places it may have got its name. The last two say it may have come from a plant called Anxi or a corrupted translation of Wu Laing. But all in, in all it is healthy for you no matter what it is called and has a sweet taste.

Uk marriage visa Oolong tea, also known as Wu Lung or Wulung comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant. You can find it weak or roasted. If you brew it strong, then it will have a strong taste, but the aftertaste will be sweet.http://www.choyungteafacts.org

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