High blood sugar levels over time can lead to adult onset diabetes or type II diabetes, causing nerve damage and poor circulation. The legs and feet are the most common limbs that are affected by this damage. Peripheral neuropathy is a complication that develops for a large number of people with diabetes.

Hitting pain and a burning sensation will arise and grow badly when the levels of glucose are not controlled

African-American, Native American, and Hispanic people have more possibilities of developing the foot problems.The problems in feet arise to certain people and they have more possibilities of developing it.

While neuropathy causes the kind of nerve damage that reduces a diabetic’s sensitivity to pain, (thereby increasing the chances of injury), many other sufferers find debilitating pain and burning. Some describe the sensation as millions of needles in the feet.

Exercise should be done to reduce diabetes. Exercise maintains blood pressure in normal levels and also the blood circulation. If the sufferer is not able to walk then there are other ways to reduce the risk of sugar.

When considering what actions to take to prevent complications from neuropathy, it is important to consider which ones can be controlled by the patient, either partially or completely.

For example, if the diabetic person is also a smoker, this simply must stop. This is one of the only risk factors over which a diabetic has almost complete control. There are a lot of support groups, cessation aids, and other tools that will make this goal attainable.

In order to avoid the chances of rise in blood sugar a strict diet should be followed and testing the levels of blood sugar is very important. Watching over the levels of sugar levels in the blood is very much essential. This will help in eliminating the risks. Many a time the effects of the rise in the blood sugar levels will not get cured.

Patients must consult doctors and ask for a pattern of exercises in which they do not hurt themselves and that which keeps the circulation of blood constant throughout the body. Massages can be taken for blood circulation.

Footwear must be of finer quality and must not have any problems like causing pain or wounds. This will make the patient feel more comfortable and can carry on. The footwear or shoes play an important role in the lives of those suffering from diabetes.

Once pain and burning feeling develop steps should be taken to reduce it and cut the increase of pain.

Medicines not only cause side effects they are also very costly. Many medicines are available nowadays to reduce the pain but natural remedies are taken by almost everyone.

Natural treatments for pain and burning in the legs and feet include focused meditation, essential oil therapy, aqua therapy, and gentle massage. The critical element to finding safe, natural therapies is the consent and supervision of the family doctor.

When it comes to talking about the natural treatments many think that if discussed with family doctors they do not provide right information. But for diabetes natural remedies are the best way.

Opening a candid dialogue regarding treatment preferences tells the physician that the patient is committed and will be compliant with treatment processes, and many physicians have recently come to put a lot of investigation into natural remedies for relieving pain for their diabetic patients. In all fairness, the reason doctors rely so heavily on medication as a solution for so many health concerns is because patients have often times made poor choices concerning their health in the past which is what has landed them in their current health predicament.

Registered dietitians frequently have extensive knowledge of the many complications that come with diabetes and would very likely have education resources for pain relief. Nurses most times have the most contact with the patients and are also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to treatment options and how to talk to the doctor about them.

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