Resell right eBooks is an excellent marketing idea for any eBook as it can reach to a huge number of customers. EBooks do not need any physical media to reach to the customers and they do not take any physical place. They are also not difficult to find and do not depend on which side in the world you are. All you need is few MB of free space in your hard drive or in your phone and an internet connection.

You can start from your own site. The most important thing about the online eBook reselling is your site must be on the same topic of the book unless your site is totally based on book selling. If you have more than one eBook, you better use different websites with different topics.

Instead of reselling on only one eBook, try different eBooks as well as other forms like magazine in your site. As your site is already on the topic of the eBook, it will boost up your sell and save you more money. You can offer a package with different but similar eBooks with a discount.

If you are the owner of the eBooks, you can consider reselling the rights of the eBooks to other resellers. You can have your own region and put limitation on their selling zone by making a suitable contract. If you use the reselling rights, you need to make sure that the reselling right buyers of your eBooks have a website with large traffic as well as subject of the site is relevant to the eBooks.

In case of several resell right owners, the original owner should select the resell owners based on the region or language. You can use different reselling agents from different continents and give him right to sell the eBook on limited countries. Reselling right based on language can be a great option to reach to the readers of different languages.

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