What Is Meant By A Past Regression?

Do you know what past life regression is? This is something which is closely tied to the idea of reincarnation – and as an increasing number of people accept this concept, there is a growing interest in being able to recall the details of our past lives.

One thing which can help you to get started is to keep a past lives journal. This is where you can write down your emotions and thoughts, even the most trivial which seem to be out of place with the experiences which have shaped you as a person in your present lifetime. Some of the things which seem to be of particular importance to many include fears of or attractions to specific places and things, whether or not you have ever been there or seen them for yourself; at least in this lifetime. Your journal can help you to start drawing connections and piecing together the puzzle of a past life or lives.

You can start off your past lives journal by making a list of likes and dislikes, foods, places and cultures you seem particularly attracted to and other such details about yourself. Any talents you seem to possess without having had to practice should be noted; basically, everything which makes you who you are should be here; this will help you to identify patterns later on as you add to the journal.

You may also want to write down some of the details of your dreams in your journal; but remember that much of what appears in your dreams is likely to be taken from your present life.

You could also try past life regression.

This usually involves going to a trained past life regression therapist. These professionals are experienced in hypnotherapy and guiding you through a past life experience as well as helping you to make sense of the experience afterwards. Self hypnosis may also be able to help you have this experience.

Meditation is another way to delve into your past lives

For a lot of people, it is hard to induce a past life regression experience using meditation. We are often skeptical of what we receive during these experiences; but in order to make the most of your regression, you have to learn to trust your instincts and to listen to yourself.

If you are new to the practice, meditation may feel much like daydreaming; but the images and other information receives about past lives as you meditate can be accurate and valuable. You should write down everything about your experience in your past lives journal so you can compare this against the rest of your notes.

For a lot of people, aids such as visual foci, music or incense are useful in achieving a meditative state. You can also try guided meditation tapes as well as recordings of relaxing sounds like gently flowing water.

Then there are binaural beats.

Binaural beats are an audio technology which uses certain frequencies to attune your brainwaves to achieve a deep state of meditation in a short time. Whether you choose this or another aid to your meditations, you do need to select a quiet place to meditate which is free of distractions. Lie down or sit and get comfortable, keeping your thoughts positive as you relax your body.

In order to reach a meditative state, you need to completely relax your mind and your body. If thoughts about your everyday life intrude, just acknowledge their presence – and quickly move past them to clear your mind. This can take some practice, but if you are willing to dedicate some time to meditation, you will soon learn – and you can start to learn about your previous lives.

Past life regression can often provide you with tools to handle the challenges of the present, especially with interpersonal relationships. One thing which a lot of people learn from the experience is that the people in their lives now have also been in their former lives, giving them newfound experience to draw upon.

Reincarnation in some form or another is a part of many religious traditions. Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs all believe in the concept of Karma. To put this concept into the simplest possible terms, it is the principle that the actions you take in your present life determine the circumstances of your next life. Knowing more about your past lives can help you to live a better life in the present.

As with meditation, you need to approach past life regression with an open mind. You have to accept this as something which really can work for you and be able to accept the information which comes to you about a past life. You can learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure that your current life follows a better course.

There are many experts in this field who say that a regression experience can be an excellent way to clear away emotional problems and remove mental blocks which prevent people from fulfilling their true potential.

When you can deal with the problems of your past, you may be able to make positive changes by knowing where you have gone wrong in past lives and make better decisions in the present as a result. A regression can show you the way towards living a better life with a greater degree of kindness to yourself and others.

You might even find that you have talents or abilities which you were not even aware of. If you see yourself in a past life as an expert pianist, for instance, you will most likely find that if you take up the instrument you will be an accomplished player quickly. Discovering these latent abilities can add to your quality of life immensely.

There are many benefits which past life regression has to offer to anyone whose mind is open to the possibility that they have led other lives before. For those who are willing to listen, the past has much to teach us.

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