What Is Happening Targeted Cable Television Networks?

Think back to when cable TV first appeared, could you remember how different it was back then? Going back about 20 years ago, cable TV had quite a few differences compared to what we have now.

The biggest difference that I notice is the fact that most of the different channel options were networks that consisted of very niche programming. No matter what your area of interest, you could find a network whose television lineup consisted exclusively of a certain niche.

Back then, both Bravo and A&E focused specifically on the fine arts and every show they aired was on that subject area. However, when you take a look at these channels today, they have begun to show things outside of the niche subject area and have started to show reality TV.

Another prime example is that of MTV and VH1, who both originated as 24 hour music networks. Can you remember the days where all they would mainly show were music videos?

These days, you’d be hard pressed to tune into either one of these stations to see a music video being broadcast. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I saw one on either channel.

Both channels show so much reality TV. Shows like Rock of Love and Jersey Shore dominate both channels.

There is a channel, Game Show Network, which tends to remain focused on its niche area as most of the viewing is of game shows. However, even the Game Show Network is showing signs of introducing new ideas such as the reality TV phenomenon with its new series of the Newlywed Game Host.

I hope that most of these channels that have digressed will eventually turn on their heels and head back to the strong roots that enabled them to grow so well to begin with.

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