What Is Good About The Smooth Treadmill 7 35?

Anyone looking to buy a treadmill needs to consider certain things before making that purchase. Treadmills should have a good motor, a large enough running belt, and a decent control system. The warranty should also be taken into consideration before buying. Lastly, what will the unit have that sets it apart from others? The Smooth Treadmill 7 35 has some very fine features on it.

One important feature to consider is the motor. This motor is 3.0 HP, which can hold up under an intense workout and last longer. The running/walking deck is a large enough area to accommodate people of different shapes and sizes. The belt is 20″ x 60″.

The dashboard of a treadmill needs to have the necessary controls. This one does. It has switches for raising and lowering the incline, speed adjustments, and a counter for calories burned. What makes this unit fancier are the controls for speed and incline that are on the handlebars. In addition, there are close to two dozen already programmed workouts.

It is a good idea before deciding on a purchase to study the warranty. For this instrument, the warranty covers the frame and motor for life. The parts and electronics are under warranty for seven years. There is also a deal for servicing at the home for two years.

Finally, what are the goodies on this unit? It has a port to plug in an MP3 player and listen to your tunes through built-in speakers, rather than on your ears. There is a fan on the unit that blows on the user. There is also heart rate monitor that can be used through a wireless control or a wired control on the handle bar.

The Smooth Treadmill 7 35 has a lot of value for the money. The standard features are included and a host of extras as well. It is a solid structure with a good motor to make exercising a more enjoyable experience.

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