Stag parties have always been symbolized as that last night of freedom for a soon to be groom. In past years, this included bachelors getting together in a bar and ending the evening at a local strip club. This ritual soon became mundane in the minds of the party-goers. These one night events quickly evolved into weekend getaways comparative to mini-holidays. Groups travel to destinations around the world, taking part in a variety of daytime and evening activities.

An increasingly popular destination for stag weekends is the European continent. Individuals find this destination exotic and relaxing. This short vacation may seem miles away, but is easily accessible with a much different feel from Britain. According to your group’s interests, there are many destinations to enjoy. Warsaw, Prague, Barcelona, Ireland and Tallinn all offer exciting weekend ideas that everyone in your group will enjoy. Each specializes in their tantalizing foods, original ales, folklore, and tourist attractions. Of course, there are also the hot spots that remain open 24/7.

When planning your stag weekend, do not spend hours attempting to fill every waking moment of a pleasurable trip. Hassles of booking flights and finding hotel rooms soon drain the fun out of an otherwise eventful plan. Look into one of the numerous stag weekend travel companies available in Europe. Explain what ideas your group may have for an unforgettable weekend and let them do the planning for you. They will tailor a mini-holiday according to the party’s preferences and insure the entire group has an enjoyable time.

Theme trips are increasing in popularity for stag weekends. Itineraries may include city tours, wall climbing, sports packages, golf, go-karting, and off-road racing. Restaurants reservations can be made ahead of time according to taste requests and may include entertainment. The nightlife is active nonstop in Europe and you can request a guide to come along and insure you get the most out of each scene. Accommodations will be close to all planned activities with comfort in mind and rooms for the entire group. Flights are arranged with shuttle service to any of your chosen destinations.

You will be picked up at the airport and transported to a reserved hotel, with return service waiting at the end of your weekend. It is your job to insure the groom-to-be gets an incredible time out with his friends for that last weekend of bachelor life. Customize the occasion to fit everyone’s interests and make it a memorable time.

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