What Is Car Insurance Excess

Car insurance excess is the sum of money you will have to come up with each time your car is being repaired due to a filed insurance claim. It is the additional amount that your insurer will not pay for the repairs to be completed.

Your insurance company will determine what your excess payment will be when you start your policy. The excess payments in most cases will be made directly to the garage or mechanic that is repairing the vehicle, the insurance will send the remaining amount due directly to them or send a check to you that you will need to bring to the garage.

Anytime you file a claim that involves repairing damage to your vehicle another motorists caused you can have the excess amount reimbursed to you or the insurance company will just deduct it from the amount of your settlement.

Millions of drivers are on the roadways with no insurance at all or they have coverage that is insufficient for covering all your repairs or medical expenses. Although it is illegal to operate a vehicle without insurance there are many people who still do it. The excess amount you have to pay may not be able to be reimbursed if you are involved in an accident with a driver with inadequate insurance coverage. Protection is offered from your insurer against underinsured or uninsured motorists any medical expenses or repairs to your vehicle not covered by the other driver will be covered by your insurer with the exception of the excess amount you owe.

More than 5% of drivers on the roads of UK are uninsured. The insurance companies offer protection but because they are at risk of having to cover these uninsured drivers for their faults it can raise the cost of insurance premiums.

The compulsory excess is the minimum amount that your insurer will allow you to have on your policy. The amount will vary greatly depending on your driving record, the type of car you drive, age and even the amount of experience you have behind the wheel. If you have a clean driving record and many years experience behind the wheel you could pay as little as $50 in excess but if you are a new driver you could pay as much as $500 or $1000 in excess.

You can choose to pay a voluntary excess to help lower your premium payments. If you have a very low excess quoted to you it can be increased and this will lower your policy price. You have to be careful when increasing your excess amount as you should be able to afford the amount if the need arises. You do want to lower your premium though so increasing it to what you can afford comfortably should give a good balance.

You should understand that if you have your car in the garage being repaired for an insurance claim that the garage will not release the vehicle to you until full payment is received. The insurance company will pay the amount they are required but the final payment will generally be your excess amount. This is where it comes important to know that you can afford the excess amount you have agreed to when the time comes that you need to have it ready.

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