A Psychic Test – Are You Psychic?

There are many things in this universe which cannot be explained, the reasons behind which cannot be fathomed with the general understanding of the world. The human race has always been a special one different from that of other species. And still there are special ones amongst this race itself who have the power of the sixth sense, a sense which remains undeveloped in the remaining majority. People possesses powers such as predicting the future, tuning in to other people’s thoughts, seeing or hearing a loved one from thousands of miles away, seeing the souls of people who lived in the past, etc. Many suffer from the confusion regarding whether they possess any true powers or whether these are cases of coincidences or mental problems. Psychic tests can be used to answer all these questions of the mind.

Psychic power refer to the gift of a sixth sense or an extra sensory perception that some people possess which enables them in perceiving things which are otherwise hidden from other normal people. Psychic tests are techniques or methods to assess whether an individual possesses such psychic power within.

While some basic tests can be used to test the presence of a psychic power, advanced psychic tests are also available to analyze the intensity of that power in an individual.

Other tests include the ones undertaken in research clinics and are advanced in nature. Though one’s psychic powers may diminish in an external setting such as this, but controlled and advanced techniques give results that are more detailed and accurate.

The three most common physic powers are that of precognition, or the ability to predict future events; clairvoyance, or the ability to see and know about things happening thousands of miles away and lastly telepathy, which involves the ability to tune-in to the thoughts of others and know about them.

One of the oldest and the most common psychic test is that of the Zener Cards. These cards have a specific symbol on them like a square, circle, etc. The deck is shuffled and a card is removed from the deck after which the potential psychic is asked to predict the symbol of that particular card. This goes on till the deck gets depleted and thereafter the scores are added up.

Based on the algorithms created by Dr. Rhine and Carl Zener, this age old psychic test gives you scores that one can accurately interpret to assess whether he/she has no ability, some ability, significant ability or very high psychic abilities. Apart from this, one can also test oneself by trying tests like rolling a dice and then trying to say the numbers from beforehand, or the outcome of a match, etc.

There are many psychics who consider their abilities as a curse which prevents them from living normal lives. But one must always remember that these people are the chosen few who have such a special gift which not many others have. Hence, psychic powers must taken as a special gift and used to help other men and women.

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