When thinking of a florist, you might merely imagine a flower salesman, but a florist is more than that. A florist is someone who can be relied upon for imagination and creativity, who can pick an artistic arrangement for any occasion, who has the imagination and aesthetic sense to help his customers with any of their floral needs. The right florist is a lot more than a simple retailer of flowers.

A florist needs to be a good communicator to stay in business. Floristry is a growing business, and there are always plenty of events to be catered. A florist needs to be able to maintain their creativity and their responsiveness to the needs of their business. This can be quite a balancing act, but nothing a professional florist is not prepared for.

A good florist knows that every bouquet or arrangement says something about who they are, and their business. He/she will take the time it takes with each event to ensure that all of the customer’s demands are not only met, but exceeded. This is how a a florist goes from turning a modest living to being in high demand.

All money-making enterprises must strike a balance between work and fun, since every shop is a business. Florists can be a fun place to purchase from, as you can consult with an actual artist (i.e. a florist) about exactly how you want your arrangement to look. In a way, you become an artist-by-proxy.

As a hobby, being a florist can be quite a talent for your friends, since you can be the friend they can visit that grows beautiful orchids and flowers when they need help looking for an appropriate gift to give anyone from their loved one to their relatives.

It is a peaceful Zen practice when not immersed in the business route of floristry and can help relieve the mind, stress and relax the body from the tensions of life. A florist can be a very calm and peaceful person by this hobby alone as it takes an understanding and harmony with the essences of life to truly nurture and take care of the orchids and flowers that can give every florist a deep connection with nature and its wondrous beauties.

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