You have probably been wondering where the word karaoke came from and it is from Japan meaning orchestra. The entertainment value is for people who like to sing along with some music and the song is usually well known but the original artist who recorded it is not the one who is singing with it.

Some of the earlier forms of karaoke were on VCDs or CD+G and there has also been laser discs. Karaoke DVDs can play the music with the lyrics being displayed so a person can sing along. The discs of CD+G were audio CDs with the lyrics also with them. These can be played on a regular CD player and then the MPEG videos can be stored with high quality and displaying the lyrics. The songs on a karaoke DVD will be accompanied with high quality and with the video.

There are two types of karaoke available multiplex being one and the other one is non-multiplex. Multiplex has the vocal only, so that the listener can get the song memorized by the words alone. They can also use it to compare their own voice with the other one on the disc. Then when they are ready they can eliminate the vocals with the remove button. With the non-multiplex one it comes without the vocals and this is good for someone who is very experienced in the use of the karaoke discs.

Something to remember is that the songs on the karaoke discs are not the original artist sing on them. The music itself is created new and the songs are recorded but they are so careful to keep the track very similar to the original as possible. It is also true with the multiplex DVDs that the original artist is not the one doing the singing.

One thing which is very important to note is when the technology can change the pitch so that it matches the person singing along with the song and at the same time it still has the same tempo as the original. These karaoke discs will come with background singers as chorus singers and it is not at all possible to remove this part of the track.

There is a room called the karaoke box which can be rented for any number of times which the user would like. It has all the equipments which a karaoke room needs so that the person can have a personal quiet place to practice for their own performance. Some bars which have karaoke sometimes will charge a fee for the use of the karaoke which could be either $1 or $2 and this will be per song.

You could buy your own karaoke machine and have it in your home for the use of it any time you like. These machines and the DVDs that can go with them are both very inexpensive to buy.

There is a game which can be played in a karaoke bar which is called the karaoke roulette and it is interesting for the people who are listening. The songs are played randomly and the listeners have to guess which song it is and can sing along with it too. Websites cater to those interested in singing and sharing on a global level.

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