Patent matters, conflicts, anti-trust cases of companies with big names in varied industries have become rampant especially at present as businesses that have their properties patented can sue unauthorized people making use of their names to get money. But do you know that because of the enforcement of intellectual property rights, creators are bucked up and are now more motivated to keep making up, planning, composing, simply creating something out of their mass of ideas – and they do get profits out of it. Patent all your precious creations so that those people thinking of stealing would have to think heaps of times before they break anything, else they’d suffer for it.

But what should be patented? Do you think you need a patent? Do your ideas or creations qualify for a patent? Here are a few pointers:

Patent is a promise made by the government to protect unique forms of creations or finds and give the owner exclusive rights to make, utilise or trade the patented ideas, objects. To urge people to be creative in a number of ways, the use of patents came to materialize. The three types of that are covered by patents are:

Utility patents – usually a general invention, machine, compositions of matter, processes (ex. software) and almost all varieties of man-made items that people can conjure up and consider getting them patented.

Design patents – constructing or manufacturing peculiar designs and look of the functional product.

Plant patents – certain types of plants

If you have formulated or discovered something, the number one thing you have to think about is if what you made is really something new to the public and it has a recognizable characteristic that none of its similar kind has. Take time to do your research before applying for a patent. Eventually while performing a search, you will learn the differences among a patent, copyright and a trademark. Graphic works like photographs, sculptures, drawings, etc are neither inventions nor discoveries which should be under the copyrights category. Natural processes such as mathematical rationales and natural products such as an herb to formulate a medicine cannot be patented either.

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